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Hello, Tyrannicide

My name Is Matthew, I'm 24.

My posts mostly consist of the following subjects:
Kings of Europe - Chelsea FC.
Funny Stuff.
Yeah, This blog isn't really specific, just covers stuff I give a shit about.

I currently study Music Production at UCLan (University of Central Lancashire)

the kingdom is ransacked the jewels all taken back and the chopper descends they're hidden in the back with a message on a half-baked tape with the spool going round saying im back here in this place and i could cry and there's smoke you could click on

Welcome to my world.

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Honour Roots - Western Drive .33

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Honour Roots - Rigged For Your Displeasure

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Honour Roots - Make It Rain

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Nothing that hasn’t been said through Song before by Honourrootsuk on Mixcloud

Demos, by Honour Roots

Hey there! Check out my band Honour Roots

new and exciting punk rock band

http://honourroots.bandcamp.com/track/drag-on < New Demo

https://www.facebook.com/honourrootsuk < Facebook Page

Hope y’all like :D

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I’m scared to admit that I thought Extreme Rules was going to suck bECAUSE HOLY BALLS (MEAN GENE VOICE) WAS I WRONG


……abstinence only education has gone too far

as hilarious as this is on the face of it… ^^^ i have to agree with this comment 

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It’s called clomipramine.